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*SALE* K250M5 2350 GPD

Orig $2,800 Sale $2,600

$200 off!

Introducing the new Merlin Series solar pump systems! 

These higher-wattage solar systems really prove their value during cloudy weather or when direct sunlight is limited. In fact, they provide 30% more power during low light periods than the K170 or K255, which allows the pump to produce more water and lengthen the pumping day.

  • Deliver up to 2350 gallons per day at 4.3 GPM maximum, based on a 9-hour run time.
  • High-voltage power switch.
  • UL Listed solar panels include a 25-year power output warranty.
  • Extremely durable, adjustable, certified engineer stamped aluminum mounts.
  • Long life brushless motor Merlin5 solar pump with 100' of wire
  • Pre-assembled with aluminum mounts, wire harness, On/Off power switch.
  • No additional controller required.
  • Professionally built in the USA.
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