Complete Water Pump Systems

KS11 1350 GPD

Price $1,568.00

These larger-wattage solar systems prove incredibly beneficial during periods of low light and cloudy weather, offering 30% more power on cloudy days than the K170 or K255. This system helps the pump produce more water and lengthen the pumping day by starting up earlier and running longer at max GPM.

  • Deliver up to 1,350 gallons per day at 2.3 GPM maximum, based on a 9-hour run time.

  • High-voltage power switch.

  • SR2 Series solar pump: 180-watt 1/5HP Brushless 12-36 VDC heavy duty motor.
  • UL Listed solar panels include a 25-year power output warranty.

  • Extremely durable, adjustable certified engineer stamped aluminum mounts.

  • Pre-assembled with aluminum mounts, wire harness, On/Off power switch.

  • No additional controller required.

  • Professionally built in the USA.

Bulk discounts available, please call for pricing.



NRCS Approved



Available in N250SR2. The N-series API systems provide similar strength, durability, and production as our other complete solar systems, but do so with increased efficiency that complies with government conservation standards, known as NRCS.

No additional controller is required for API solar water pumps, however the ALC 1275 greatly increases the life expectancy of our aluminum pumps and prevents unnecessary wear and tear on the pump.

Please be sure your well has been tested for flow rate and continuous flow supply. In order to reach these water demands, your well must be able to keep up with the solar pump. Otherwise, damages can occur.

Additional Accessories:

Custom systems available up to 1200 GPM (Gallons Per Minute). Please visit our custom page to contact us.

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