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Irrigation System KB04 9,240 GPD

Starting at $5,489


Our high capacity solar pump systems are great for domestic or commercial, large irrigation, dewatering, frac ponds, and much more! This solar (photovoltaic) well pump systems work best for deeper wells that demand higher flow for higher production.

  • Deliver up to 22 GPM at optimum power, based on a 7-hour run time.
  • Custom solar panels include a 25-year power output warranty.
  • Solar pump (.5HP) includes a 1-year warranty.
  • Solar Boss Drive: 3 phase drive 200VAC
  • Extremely durable, adjustable certified engineer stamped aluminum mounts.
  • Easy plug-together connectors.
  • Professionally built in the USA.

Financing and bulk discounts available!


  • Min. Flow Rate 6.0 GPM 
  • Max. Flow Rate 22.0 GPM
  • Max Depth 150 Feet or 65 PSI

Contact our system specialists for questions on specs and sizing for your particular application. Please select variants below to continue to checkout. 


  • (9) Advanced Power Inc. solar modules.
  • (3) Top of Pole Mounts. Extremely durable, adjustable aluminum mounts.
  • High Capacity 0.5 HP stainless steel submersible pump comes with 100’ of attached wire.
  • Solar Boss Drive DC input of 380VDC; Output 200VAC 3-Phase
  • Panel Wire-Harnesses for easy plug & play
  • High-voltage power switch
  • Professionally programmed by one of API's engineers.
  • Free Technical Support


  • HC Pumps require a 5” or larger well casing.
  • Systems require (3)- 2 7/8” OD x 10’6” SCH40 pole for pole mounting.
  • Pump requires 1-1/4in NPT discharge pipe.
  • Flows decrease as depth and pressure increases to maximum depth of 150 feet (65 PSI).

You must provide sch40 pole for mounting and cement for setting around the pole.



Please be sure your well has been tested for flow rate and continuous flow supply. In order to reach these water demands, your well must be able to keep up with the solar pump. Otherwise, damages can occur.

  • Do you have wind turbines within 1/2 mile of your solar pump system? Find out why your system can become damaged here.
  • Don't forget to prep your system for the winter!! Weep holes are a must!
  • Ground Rods are great for preventing damage from lightening spikes, we highly recommend ground rods for solar systems.

Custom systems available up to 1200 GPM (Gallons Per Minute). Please visit our custom page to contact us.


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