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60W/90V Solar Panel by Kaneka


60W 90V Panel $34.00

More ideal for partially shadowed areas compared to polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar panels. Great for DIY home projects, rural areas, remote cabins, or for making your own solar projects.

These solar arrays are brand new. We could not pair them with our solar pumps due to the high voltage, so we are selling them below cost directly to the consumer!

  • Thin-film silicon PV module.
  • Made in Japan
  • Lead free
  • 60 watts, 90V.

Also available to purchase in crates of 25.


  • Model: G-SA060
  • PMax 60W
  • VOC 91.8V
  • ISC 1.19A
  • VPM 67V
  • IPM 0.9A
  • Max. Sys. Vol. 530V
  • Series Fuse 7.0A
  • Bypass Diode 3.5A
  • Weight 13.7Kg
  • Dimensions 960X990X40mm
  • Thin-Film Silicon PV Module
  • UL Listed


Sold as-is, no warranties implied.

Warning Electrical Hazard:

This solar module produces electricity when exposed to light. Cover all modules in the PV array with opaque material before making any wiring connections or opening the terminal back.