Repairing Your Windmill

Whether it's harvest time, you're hauling hay, or time to cultivate, the one thing that can bring your work flow to a halt is when your livestock run out of water. Repairing your windmill can be a reoccurring occasion and very unfriendly to your pocket book.

We all know the pains of hauling water.


A windmill consists of multiple parts to function: Windmill head & gears, blades, tower, sucker rod, checks & cups, and don't forget the grease/oil to keep your parts lubricated properly. 

With all of these parts exposed to the weather conditions, this means you're more than likely going to have to replace parts again due to debris.


When repairing your windmill there are several safety precautions you need to take. 

For safety reasons, waiting until you have calm weather is highly advised when repairing or replacing parts on your windmill. Which means waiting on mother nature to agree with you, mean-while you're still stuck hauling water.

And don't look around when your in the air! Some say looking around can cause an illusion that the windmill is falling over, which will make you want to jump off to save yourself. (Scary!)


Replacing your windmill parts means you are either servicing parts high in the air, or pulling the sucker rod from deep in the well. 

When you are repairing your sucker rod, depending on the height of your tower, you will need to hire a "Pull Truck" to assist you when pulling the long sucker rod out of the well & tower.

The disadvantages to using a water pump windmill:

  • Gears & bushings wear out or can be exposed to weather conditions.
  • Replacing oil in gears yearly.
  • Leathers need to be replaced every 2-5 years.
  • Parts to repair are either 20-30' in the air or down in the well.
  • Need calm weather to repair windmills.
  • Stainless steel sucker rods will rust & wear out.
  • Debris will damage checks & cups easily.
  • Cannot run dry without damaging the cups, so you must be sure your well can keep up with your water demand.
  • Possible freezing issues.
  • If the winds get too high, your windmill blades will damage easily.
  • If the winds are too low, your windmill will not run.
  • Hiring pull trucks to pull sucker rods or repair windmill heads are an added expense.
  • Must cement in the tower.
  • Cannot move from well to well with ease.
  • Maintenance is high and cost of repairs range from $500-$6,000

Solar Water Pumping Systems are:

  1. Reliable
  2. Cost-efficient
  3. Easy to use & install


system-illustration.jpg#asset:3035When comparing water pump windmills to our solar water pumps, Advanced Power's brushless solar pump beats out the competition. API's solar water pumps are USA Made, rebuildable, and are lightweight allowing you to move your system from well to well.

  • User friendly, plug together (male to female) connectors
  • Lightweight & pre-assembled so the customer can just plug & play
  • 15-30 minutes to install
  • API rebuilds your solar pump when you need repairs. All you have to do is pull your pump & wire and ship it back to us. Pumps are lightweight 12-19 lbs.
  • Top-of-pole mounts are assembled on the back of the solar panel.
  • Pump water from 1gpm - 75gpm and lift up to 850' deep. (.05HP-73HP)
  • Temporary run dry capability
  • Pressure relief valve
  • No external drives or controllers are required.
  • Our brushless solar pumps are built to run off direct solar; so no batteries or charge regulators are required.
  • Comes with 100' of 14-2 pump wire built into the pump.
  • ALC 1275 water level tank controller is available so your storage tank does not overflow.
  • Anodized for abrasion or corrosion resistance.


For more information on our solar water pumps or solar water pump systems please view our products page or give us a call at 866-519-7892 for questions.

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