Cost Effective
Green Solution
Trusted Durability

API’s solar powered water and well pumps
are the affordable and reliable way to pump water.

The solar powered submersible water pumps we’ve been manufacturing for nearly 30 years are the heart of our business. For any water pumping need—from agriculture to oil fields and personal home use—we have the trusted solution. We are known throughout the solar industry for offering some of the most economical, reliable, and user-friendly solar water pump systems on the market.

7 Things To Take When Camping With Kids

There is nothing like the great outdoors. The way the crisp and clean air feels as it fills your lungs is refreshing. The peaceful and relaxing sounds of birds chirping, a babbling brook, and your gentle footsteps falling on the soft dirt, are the ultimate destressors. You feel free in nature, deep in the woods with no sign of civilization. Camping among pine trees, with the stars freckling the sky never gets old. You learned to love the great outdoors as a kid and that love has grown with you.