P.O.D. Box

Price $142.00

Don’t find yourself stuck without an emergency or backup power supply. The P.O.D. Box, or Power On Demand, is essential if pumping needs go beyond cloudy and low-light days. Pump water via the solar pump at any time by plugging into the P.O.D. Box. Because solar panels are a DC source of power, most have DC motors and cannot be powered by an AC power source alone. This Power On Demand Box can be used with other 24VDC powered products.

  • Not recommended as a pump’s permanent power source.

  • Converts 110 VAC to 24 VDC.

  • Amp protection.

  • Professionally built in the USA.

P.O.D. Box $142.00




To supply water anytime: connect a 110-120 VAC to a 24 VDC converter 110V generator or 110 VAC electrical outlet and the P.O.D. Box to get power for the DC motor solar pump.