Every API solar pump takes shape in our engineering department. Our certified design engineers utilize the latest CAD software for design and development. They are committed to improving our existing product catalog, while developing new items that serve many different solar and watering needs. Our engineers make it possible to deliver quality, reliable solar products to customers around the world. 

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Source Materials

Through our enormous buying power, we obtain quality solar panels and billet materials at a considerably lower cost than much of our competition. We’re happy to pass along these savings to our customers searching for solar pump systems.


We source billet materials from exceptional vendors, then inspect, cut, and load the raw aluminum into our modern CNC (computer numerical control) machining centers. The raw material is precision machined to craft durable aluminum parts and housing cylinders that make up the pumps. After machining, the parts are cleaned and inspected for quality and fit. Then each part is corrosion coated for durability and longevity.

Hand Assembly

Finally, our highly trained team carefully assembles the advanced solar pump components. API products — including our industry-leading aluminum pumps, user-friendly controllers, wiring harnesses, and durable aluminum solar panel mounts — are individually hand-assembled with the utmost care.


Once assembled, every solar pump undergoes rigorous testing in our custom computer-controlled test stand. Each pump must pass a multitude of parameters — including proper flow rates, pressure, and amperage draw — under a variety of voltages before it is deemed worthy to be sold as an API solar product.


When the solar pump systems pass our tests they are inventoried and ready for pick up or shipment. Each system that gets shipped is individually packed with custom foam and boxes.

Technical Support

Our friendly technicians are here to help you when you have questions during installment or troubleshooting. Rest assure with our 2 percent failure rate, you are bound to never have service issues. However if you do, our staff and quick turnaround service will be there to walk you through the process with ease. Contact us with any problems you run into or questions you have about your solar pump system.