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Never buy too much pump. When you know your needs, we can outfit you with the right solar water pump. Follow these quick tips to determine which API solar system you’ll need.

Well Casing Requirements

Our RP2, SR2, M1, and M3 solar pumps require a 4” or larger well casing (inside diameter). Our RP4, SR4, and M5 solar pumps require a 5” or larger well casing (inside diameter). In certain situations, multiple pumps can be applied to one well (requires a 6” or larger well casing) to double the output. 

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Solar Power

API’s solar power is based on voltage, not just wattage. Our solar panels can range from 5w-260w solar PV panels and our solar pumps are capable of running from 12 volts to 40 volts. We have operated multiple pumps in the same well to double the output. For more custom info on this topic, please contact us. 

Well Depth

Our maximum vertical lift is up to 800 ft. Lift begins at the water level, and ends at the exit point where the water will be stored, no matter where the pump setting is.

Wind Generator

If your well is one-quarter to half mile away from a wind generator,  please let our sales staff know. Wind generator shadows will cause our pumps to surge on and off (when the shadow of blades pass over the solar panels), which can cause damage to pumps leading to repair issues.

If you do have a wind generator near your system, please consider connecting batteries that will help prevent surging. Our sales staff will be happy to adjust your wiring to fit batteries. Read more...

Weep Holes

Please remember to install or check your weep holes in your pipe and to keep pipes positioned where they can drain. During freezing weather, water will freeze and cause the pump to over pressure and lead to damage. Read more...

Grounding Your Solar System

When you're installing a solar panel system, it is extremely important to ground your solar arrays and your equipment. If you experience a large amount of lightening storms in your area, failure to ground your solar system could result in damages to your product. Read More...

Filtering Debris for Your Pump

Typically old wells will be deteriorating if they were not properly encased when first drilled, an example of this is a metal casing. Old metal casings tend to heavily rust, which can cause your solar water pump to pump rust or heavy debris. Our Nylon Pre-Filter Kit comes with a nylon sock and zip ties. By simply adding this pre-filter to your API pump you are already extending the life of the pump. Read More...

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