Is your system around wind turbines?

If your solar water pumping system is within 1/2 mile of a wind turbine, then you may experience issues with your solar pump which can result in early pump repairs. You're probably wondering "How could a wind turbine damage your solar pump?"

After research, our engineer and service team discovered  the wind turbine blade's cast shadows on the face of the solar panel, which causes the power to surge to the pump. This continuous surge causes unnecessary wear and tear to the pump's internal components. 

How can you prevent damages to your solar pump systems? Batteries.

Batteries are not typically required for API's solar pump systems but for this situation we highly recommend using batteries and a charge regulator. The battery will prevent the solar panel from surging by providing it constant power. 

Advanced Power Inc. has a custom made enclosure for your battery(s) and charge regulator available for your system on request. Just let our sales staff know before ordering that you have wind turbines within 1/2 mile of your designated spot where the solar pump system is going to be placed. We can then assist you in getting the correct solar pump system and accessories that you will need.

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