The Importance Of Our Nylon Pre-Filter Kit For Solar Pumps

Why Should You Use Our Nylon Pre-Filter Kit on API Pumps?

The theory behind our Filter Kit is pretty simple when you think about it, some wells contain dirt, sand, rust, or debris that can be hard on your solar pumps. So API made a simple, inexpensive way to help filter the water before it's being pumped.

Are your wells old or have a metal casings?

Typically old wells will be deteriorating if they were not properly encased when first drilled, an example of this is a metal casing. Old metal casings tend to heavily rust, which can cause your solar water pump to pump rust or heavy debris.

Trust us, nothing is more frustrating than buying a new product only to have it repaired in a few months. And this is what will happen if your well is super sandy, mucky, rusted, etc. Nothing can withstand the abrasion that debris will cause on moving parts so we came up with a simple way to assist you in this matter.


Our Nylon Pre-Filter Kit comes with a nylon sock and zip ties. By simply adding this pre-filter to your API pump you are already extending the life of the pump.

  • Assists in filtering debris 
  • Extends the life of your solar pump
  • Inexpensive
  • Included in purchases of Systems and Solar Pumps


Installing your Nylon Pre-Filter Kit is easy:
  1. Remove your Pre-Filter Kit from package.
  2. Unroll the nylon sock. (Tip: You can actually cut the sock shorter, applying the sock just around the solar pump screen. The screen is the area where water pumps in)
  3. Slide the sock on to the pump, making sure you are covering the screen fully. 
  4. Use zip ties or electrical tape and tie the ends to hold the sock in place.

If you find your solar water pump producing a low water flow this may be due to the Nylon Pre-Filter Kit clogging up after a few months, try shaking the solar pump in the well to loosen any debris. If this does not help, then you will need to change out your Nylon Pre-Filter Kit periodically to avoid clogging.

For more assistance on this topic or questions about our solar water pump systems, please give us a call! 866-519-7892

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