Submersible Water Pumps Vs. Surface Mounted

When in the market for a good, quality water pump, there are two different types: submersible and surface mounted. Knowing which one to choose is crucial, and will vary depending on your situation.

Surface mounted pumps allow easy access to the pump itself, but because of the environment, they may require access more often.

You will face environmental conditions, weather, theft or vandalism, install complications:

  • Winter storms can really affect the productivity and results of a surface pump because it is not below the freezing line, which can cause trapped water to expand inside the pump which could lead to several problems like freezing.
  • Flash floods, wildlife, and thunderstorms can also be a great risk because surface mounted pumps are not as shielded from their surroundings, unlike submersible pumps.
  • Another disadvantage is the amount of energy surface pumps use; the water must first be moved up out of a water source by a suction force before it can actually reach the pump, this process requires a lot more power than an apparatus that already has the water readily available

Submersible pumps as their name portrays, are completely submerged in a clean water source. This gives them a number of advantages over their unprotected counterparts.

  • One huge thing is their efficiency; water pressure will naturally force water into a submerged pump rather than utilizing energy to do so.
  • Being submerged all the time, submersible pumps do not require manual priming, which can easily become a very time consuming chore.
  • Surface mounted pumps are also known to be much louder, and since it is on the surface, it just looks out of place. If you plan on using a water pump near a home or just want to keep nature looking natural, opting for the submersible may be the option for you.

A chief complaint with both types of pumps is their impact on electric bills, but here at Advanced Power Inc., we utilize the power of the sun to run our top of the line submersible water pumps, and have been recognized as a leader in the industry for nearly 30 years. Our certified engineers have used the latest in CNC design programs, along with the process of trial and error to craft one of the most efficient and dependable solar pumps on the market.

Our solar pumps can deliver up to 5460 gallons of water per day at a flow rate of 13 gallons per minute under ideal conditions, all without raising your electric bill; instead we use quality grade “A” solar cell panels that guarantee dependable performance for over 25 years.

Throughout our 30 years of experience, we have learned that no situation is completely alike, so we have developed various systems at Advanced Power Inc. to ensure we can meet any water pumping need.

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