Benefits of Booster Pumps

Water is an important part of our daily lives. It is used to bathe, wash dishes, wash clothes, keep the lawn alive, and so many other things. While we all take water for granted, there is another aspect of water that we take for granted — water pressure. Unless you have terrible water pressure in your home, or you recently have moved into a home with worse water pressure than you are used to, you will likely not notice your water pressure or how great it is. 

You will often find low water pressure in places like cabins, as well as some homes. If your water pressure suddenly changes or you have had enough of the light trickle of water that you have been putting up with for the last few months or years, then read on! There is a simple fix for poor water pressure that will have your water pressure better in no time!

Booster pumps are a simple and effective way to improve the water pressure in your home, cabin, business, or wherever else you need it. At Advanced Power, we can provide you with a booster pump that can help solve your water pressure problem. We sell 12V and 24V indoor and outdoor Franklin booster pumps that can be the perfect choice for your pressure issues.

A booster pump is a type of centrifugal pump. It surges the water pressure in the pipeline for a variety of applications. Our booster pumps are surface non-submersible and operate on battery only. These booster pumps are not compatible with direct solar and are ideal for a variety of applications. Add a booster pump to your home, cabin, drip irrigation system, frost-proof waterers, and more to increase your water pressure and flow.


Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and booster pumps, and how they can work for different applications. 

The Benefits

There are many benefits to a booster pump, making them perfect for a variety of uses. 

Increases Pressure

Obviously, increased water pressure is a huge benefit. Increased water pressure can help when it comes to water your lawn, taking a shower, washing dishes, using the hose, and more. Water pressure is also important when it comes to irrigation systems.

Boosts Water Supply

A booster pump with also help boost your water supply, meaning that you can enjoy a more steady stream of water to your shower, tap, and hose. This can help when you have a lot of people staying at your cabin with you or you need to use more water for your irrigation. 

Caters to a Variety of Applications

Booster pumps can help improve the water situation in residential, commercial, and industrial use and work efficiently for each of them. They will help improve the water flow, supply, and pressure in each of these applications. 

Small and Transportable

Booster water pumps are small and easy to transport. This means that they can easily be installed in your home without having to make major plans to have it installed. These booster pumps can be easily installed anywhere, helping you improve you water supply wherever you need it.


Residential Benefits

There are many ways that a booster pumps can benefit your home or other residential space. Improved water pressure is not only great in the shower, but it can also help make washing your dishes simpler, spraying down your walkway easier, and helps improve your sprinkler system. If you have a built-in sprinkler system, having a booster pump can help provide enough pressure to help the water reach each of the sprinkler heads, ensuring your lawn gets properly watered and stays beautiful. 

Commercial Benefits

Booster water pumps can also offer a variety of benefits when used commercially. When used in multistory buildings, it can help even out the pressure across each story. The first few stories of an apartment complex may have great water pressure while the top few floors have decent to poor pressure. If you are the landlord and manager of the complex, adding a booster pump can help even out the water pressure throughout all of the floors. 

Farming industries and others that use an irrigation system can greatly benefit from booster pumps. If your irrigation has poor water pressure, not only are you not working efficiently, but you are wasting time and money. Booster pumps can help increase the water pressure of your irrigation system and maintain a steady stream to water your crops. 

Booster water pumps can also but turned off and on. This comes in handy when you have a vacation cabin that you only visit once a year. Turn the pump on when you need it and off before you leave. This will allow you to get better pressure without wasting money to run the pump when you are not using it. 

At Advanced Power, we can provide you with booster water pumps to help improve your water supply. Enjoy better water pressure, an increased water supply, and a variety of other benefits when you add a booster pump to your home or business. Contact us today to learn more!

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