Keep Your Tank De-Frosted

Advanced Power Inc.'s ALC 1275 is a state of the art water level sensor.

Did you know you can keep your storage tank from freezing with our ALC controller? 

  • Prevents water overflow
  • Expands the life expectancy of your solar pump.
  • Automatic 10 second delay
  • Defrost your tank

This automatic controller powers on your API solar pump when your tank is low on water, our stainless steel probes send a signal to our controller alerting it when water is low or detected. With this, we can also use our ALC in dewatering or sump situations.


Once water is detected, your water level controller will shut off your API solar pump. This feature is the most beneficial, saving wear & tear on motor parts and increasing the life expectancy of your pump.


Watch "How to shut off your solar pump"

The ALC 1275 has a built in 10 second delay before switching your pump ON or OFF. This helps to prevent surging power caused by windy days making water lapping over the sensors repeatedly, which could cause damage to your pump. This is similar to issues you would find if your solar pump system is located around wind turbines. Find out more on that topic here.


The stainless steel probes cannot detect ice. So as your tank begins to freeze, your ALC controller will switch your solar pump on. Your pump will begin to pump fresh water onto the surface of the freezing tank, making it defrost.

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