Will solar panels work in the winter?

There are some misconceptions about solar panels. One of the most common myths with solar is it will not function properly in the winter.

Winter brings ice and snow storms, that can help your solar panels function more efficiently. For example, the Axitex AC-260P solar module operates between -40°F to 185°F. When temperatures are colder the modules reach a more optimal output. This is due to the conversion or solar radiation into electricity. 


A light dusting of snow across the panels can minimally disrupt the power output. It is not until the panels are completely covered with snow or ice that one will lose power completely. Tilting your panels at the proper angles, for your geographical region, will allow the snow or ice to melt and slid off.

Your solar module's power can increase due to reflective light from the snow. This concept is like getting a sunburn while participating in winter sports. The sun’s rays reflect off the snow at all different angles. In relation to your solar panels, the cells inside the panels can capture excess light from the reflections and gain more power.


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