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Solar Charger Kits

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Solar charging kits are a cost-effective way to maintain and charge battery-powered and solar equipment. This is especially useful if you have batteries that need charged or replaced often, like those on feeders, combines, tractors, boats, mowers, and ATVs. These small panel kits come in 5-watt, 10-watt, and 20-sizes with 12-volt solar modules (6-volt is available).

  • Lost-cost purchase makes a long-term investment.

  • Customized wire harnesses.


  • 12V solar (photovoltaic) module.
  • 6’ wire harness.
  • Red and black battery cable clamps.


CAUTION: A 6-volt panel kit is meant for smaller (5-10 AH) 6-volt batteries. The higher capacity batteries (7-35 AH) should be used with 10-20 watt solar panels. On 20-watt and larger kits it is possible to overcharge a small battery. A charge regulator should be considered if you live in 6+ hours peak sunlight. If you have any doubt about how to use this product with your equipment, please contact our technicians. We are happy to answer any questions concerning safe, effective use of this product.

Strap mounts are sold separately, please contact us for pricing.