Complete Water Pump Systems

Eco-3H System

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  • Pump heads are field serviceable/replaceable by customer or OEM!
  • External motor controller with built in MPPT tracking, power fusing and speed adjustment.
  • Digital readout displays voltage, current, wattage, speed, and error reporting.
  • High efficiency DC Brushless motor with stainless steel Encapsulated Thrust Bearing.
  • Microcast AISI 304 stainless steel helical rotor wet end adopts special wear-resistant rubber and hardened rotary shaft for increased wear resistance and service life.
  • Well Level Controller (sump switch) included with pump to prevent dry run.
  • Inputs for Tank Level Control (Float switch optional)
  • Battery or Generator Backup Optional (must be 24V DC minimum)
  • Over/under-load protection.
  • Over/under-voltage protection.
  • Over-Temperature Protection.
  • Lost phase and stall protection.
  • Lightening and Surge Protection.
  • Can be used with most switch types (float, pressure switch, etc.) Vertical or horizontal installation up to 90°.

These solar array systems consist of premium quality materials and top of pole mounting system. Our proprietary solar panels are engineered to be more compact for long life, durability, and ease of use. Standard maintenance is quick and easy to access due to custom junction boxes. 

Solar Panel:

  • High performance due to specifically selected technologies and materials
  • Positive power tolerance from 0-5 Wp, Higher guaranteed yield
  • Snow load up to 113 psf
  • Stable module for a long life in extreme conditions
  • 100% electroluminescence inspection
  • Micro crack and hot spot free modules
  • Soft grip seam aluminum frame for higher stability and easier handling
  • High quality junction box and connector system for a longer life time
  • 15 years manufacturer's guarantee on 90% of the nominal performance
  • 25 years manufacturer's guarantee on 85% of the nominal performance


  • 5 GPM (Max Flow Rate)
  • Max pressure is 65psi including lift (adding pressure tank/switch will alter max lift)
  • System Input Voltage 18-40V (48V Max)
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • 100ft 12/3 Solid Core Twisted Pump Cable
  • 3/4in NPT Female Thread Pump Outlet
  • 1 Solar Panel, Power will range 350-500Watts due to availability
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Defect Standard Warranty
  • In-House Tech Service


NRCS Approved CE Mark


Plumbing from pump to final termination point

System mounting requires (1)- 2 7/8” OD x 10’6” SCH40 pole for pole mounting.



Water conditions and pipe size will alter PSI rating. Hard, dirty water, undersized/kinked pipe, rubber vs. plastic pipe all effect the output performance of the pump/system.


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